Moving date….. today!!

October 16, 2009

A big “hi” to everyone who follows my blog. I’m going to be moving to a new address as of today! I will no longer be updating this blog so if you want  to remain updated on my crazy life, and new images. Check out

When at the new website, click on the image of choice to view a larger version, more images, and the blog posting to go with it!

Thanks you  and see you at the polished new blog!!



A look back…

October 6, 2009

This summer I was able to photograph some excellent weddings, with a friend and fellow photographer, Kristen, of Shima Studios.  I was just looking through some weddings from this past summer and came upon a few images that I thought should be posted. This was a beautiful couple that was so crazy in-love, and I think the most kind people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with.  I wish you two all the best ! Thanks for a great day, and the privilege of photographing you on your special day!





October 1, 2009

As the fall season comes upon us, we get ready for combining in the next week. Me and my little ones headed off in the brisk cool weather to the local farmers market. Where they had all sorts of produce and yummy treats to take home!  The kids were excited to bring home their tasty treats to enjoy after a steaming hot bowl of  homemade soup. We picked up some taziki dip and greek pitas as well as fudge! Yummm, who doesn’t like fudge?!? What a way to get into the season!

Screen shot 2009-10-01 at 11.40.29 AM

Little Lady

September 30, 2009

I had the opportunity to photography a sweet baby girl on sunday afternoon. She is so tiny and absolutely beautiful. There is something so special about little ones when they are first born. Its so hard to imagine them ever growing up, and then when they are grown-up its hard to imagine them so small and helpless. Every moment is so special and it’s great to be  able to capture those moments that you will remember and cherish forever.

Thank you Mike and Cheyene for the opportunity to photograph your little lady, she is beautiful! God bless, and enjoy every little moment!




Harvest time

September 26, 2009

Today as I sit inside watching dark stormy clouds move over head, my girls laughter and giggles make me happy to be home! Today was a fun day to relax and do whatever my kids wanted to do. So far we have baked cookies, paint our nails, and play hide and seek with their uncle. Now who wouldn’t want to spend a saturday afternoon like that.

I had a shoot this morning with a family that are friends of mine. They have 2 beautiful children, that are very fun and full of energy! I had a great time, and we got some neat shots!




Have a great weekend!

The Details

September 25, 2009

Here are a few detail shots that I had from a wedding that I shot with Jaime back in March. I just love the details, I think that’s what makes weddings so special. All those little bits that mean so much to the bride and groom. They show hints of them and are tid bits of their story, who they are, and what makes them special as a couple. Enjoy!




On a personal note.

September 25, 2009

There is a couple that I truly believe we couldn’t live without. They give of themselves so selflessly, and love each other dearly! Anything we ever need, they are happily there to help us out in anyway they can. Changing their schedule to watch our kids for a much needed date night, a photo shoot, even so that I don’t have to take the whole clan to a doctors appointment. My in laws are the most thoughtful, wonderful people I have encountered. Since my husband and I have been married, we have lived with them 3 times. They have always been so kind to let us stay with them. This last time we moved in with 2 kids and one on the way. They put up with the craziness of our family being with them 24-7 with graciousness. We stayed with them for 5 months, while my husband renovated our home to be, and ended up having our little one while we lived there. His first home was their home. I can’t say enough good things about them. This past year, they have let us use their van, since I haven’t had a vehicle to haul me and the kids around. This past month I have had it everyday to take our daughter to school, and they have had to make arrangements to survive with one vehicle, while my mother in law goes to work daily. I was so happy to be able to return the van last night!  We are getting our truck tonight, so that we won’t have to put them out any longer. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this meant to us. I don’t know how we could ever repay you for all that you have done for us! Thank you, thank you, a huge heartfelt thank you! We love you both more than words, thanks for the encouragement, love and kindness. Our kids adore you, as do we, I pray that I could show the same generosity and love to others, that you have showed us unconditionally over that past 7 years!   This is for you, you are both beautiful inside and out!


Wedding Pics

September 23, 2009

I was going through some wedding albums on my computer yesterday and found a few that I haven’t posted yet.

Happy Wednesday!




Back to gardening!

September 23, 2009

Well back to the gardening! Today we are off to spend an afternoon in the garden and see what we have fresh for picking! I think that we have a whack of beans to pick! Yummmm, maybe creamed beans for dinner!!  The temperature is to be over 30 degrees celsius today,  so I’m going to work on my last chance for a tan, before fall actually arrives.

Speaking of fall, it is one of my favourite seasons, I grew up on a farm. So there is something comforting and delicious about fall. It brings back memories of  harvest time,combining and bailing. Eating roast beef dinner and hot apple pie with my family as the sun goes down! I love the fresh crisp air of being outdoors and wearing chunky sweaters. On cool nights snuggling into blankets and enjoying a toasty warm fire. Ahhh, I have to say there is something I love about every season. I enjoy the changes and am glad for them as summer comes to a close. So as we get ready for fall and winter that is in the not to distant future, I will head outdoors to enjoy a few last moments of summer! I’ll post some images of our adventures in gardening this afternoon.

Screen shot 2009-09-23 at 12.14.48 PM

As we bid summer farewell, I sit on my deck and enjoy ice cold lemonade, in the sweltering heat. My kids play with their dora sprinkler, pick dandelions, and play house in the yard. Ahh, what a way to spend a day!

Screen shot 2009-09-23 at 2.27.06 PM


September 22, 2009

Today is a day of clean up and running errands. Taking kids to school, doing laundry, proofing wedding images and a few moments to post something special. I took a few pics of these beautiful flowers that my hubby brought home for me yesterday! Wild orchids and Kangaroo feet (who knew that was a flower, Lol) they were so beautiful I wanted to show them off!



IMG_0539These are the kangaroo feet.


This lovely bouquet came from my in laws, we had our 7th Anniversary yesterday. We are celebrating tonight, dinner and a movie! Something we don’t do as often as we would like, without our 3 kids!